Quiet River Hat

You’re going to love how comfy and soft the Quiet River Hat is. It will keep you really warm during the winter too. You can always pair it with its matching cowl to stay extra warm.

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Crochet Cancer Challenge

The Quiet River Hat is featured in the Crochet Cancer Challenge hosted by Sweet Potato 3. By downloading the pdf you are pledging to donate at least one of the hats that you’ve made.

You can find all the information needed about the Crochet Cancer Challenge by clicking the image below.

Pancreatic Cancer

I designed the Quiet River Hat in a light purple in honor of those with pancreatic cancer.

One of closest and dearest friend’s grandmother, Yvonne, suffered from pancreatic cancer. Because I am an honorary member of the family (often liked more than the biological members) I was a shoulder to cry on and a ear to listen.

I remember being in the know about a few things before my “person” was, just so I could be the glue to help them from falling apart 90% of the time.

The day of Yvonne’s passing was all a blur. I was the support that the family needed with rides and making sure everyone was eating even though they weren’t hungry at all. All I needed was a look or someone saying “Trista, I need you to…” and I was there doing what was needed.


The yarn I used for the lighter purple yarn is Craft Smart Value in colorway Amethyst. It can be found at Michael’s (in store and online).

Michaels Knitting & Crochet

This yarn is surprisingly really nice to work with considering that I was just a few dollars for approximately 350 yards. It is way softer than Red Heart Super Saver.

For the dark purple I used the same yarn as I did for the Quiet River CowlPaintbox Yarns Simply Aran in colorway Dark Aubergine. This yarn is available at Lovecrafts.


You will need the following items to make the Quiet River Hat for yourself:

Stitches Used

The Quiet River Hat uses the following stitches:

  • Blo – Back Loop Only
  • Ch – Chain
  • Dc – Double Crochet
  • Dc2Tog – Double Crochet 2 Together
  • Hdc – Half Double Crochet
  • Hdc2Tog – Half Double Crochet 2 Together
  • Sc – Single Crochet
  • Sl St – Slip Stitch
  • Sp(s) – Space(s)
  • St – Stitch(es)

Stitch Definitions

Dc2TogDouble Crochet 2 Together – YO, insert hook into indicated St, YO and pull up a loop, YO pull through 2 loops, YO, insert hook into indicated St, YO and pull up a loop, YO pull through 2 loops (3 loops on hook), YO, pull through all loops on hook.

Hdc2Tog – Half Double Crochet 2 Together – YO, insert hook into indicated St, YO and pull up a loop, YO, insert hook into indicated St, YO and pull up a loop (5 loops on hook), YO and pull through all loops on the hook.

Pattern Notes

A stitch count has been provided at the end of each row.

I find it easy to place a stitch marker on the first stitch of each row.

Gauge & Finished Size

Gauge: 8 Sts x 8 Rows = 4” of stitch pattern

Finished Size (laid flat): 10” wide x 8.5” tall


You can purchase the Quiet River Hat pattern on Ravelry or Etsy.

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