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Ruby Shawl

The seventh pattern from the "Birthstone Collection."

Sizzling Summer Tee

The perfect top for all your summer activities.

Pearl Infinity Cowl

The sixth pattern available from the "Birthstone Collection."

We Dyed Our Own Yarn

The kids and I decided to dye yarn using Kool-Aid.

Emerald Asymmetrical Shawl

The fifth pattern available from the "Birthstone Collection."

Gavyn's Story & Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

Read about a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. Learn about our journey and hopes for the future.

Diamond Shawl

The fourth pattern available from the "Birthstone Collection."

Staying Focused

During this trying time its hard to stay focused on your usual everyday tasks.

Lettuce Wrap

The perfect project to keep you warm on crisp spring days, with a touch of elegance.

Zoe's Aquamaring Infinity Scarf

The third pattern available from the "Birthstone Collection."

My Favorite: Yarns

My 'Top 5' favorite yarns to purchase from large retailers.

Amethyst Scarf laid flat with fresh purple tulips to the side, over a white wooden planked backing

Amethyst Scarf

The second pattern available from the "Birthstone Collection."

Crochetpreneur Business Academy Logo

Crochetpreneur Business Academy

Learn what CBA is and why I joined. What I've gained from becoming part of the amazing community CBA is.

Pile of various crochet hook on a white wooden panelled background

My Favorite: Crochet Hooks

Learn all about my favorite crochet hooks and which hooks work best for your projects.

Garnet Cowl with a purple tulip to side

Garnet Cowl

The first pattern available from the "Birthstone Collection."

Keep Moving Forward

Since starting my business I've learned so much about what I'm capable of. I've also learned what some of my weaknesses are. All these things keep my moving forward.

"Winter Hills Cozie" in purple on a reusable travel mug. Purple tulip in background

Winter Hills Coffee Cozie

Free pattern for a quick and easy gift idea.