2020 Gift Giving Blog Hop

Welcome to the 2020 Gift Giving Blog Hop hosted by myself Trista of Crochets By Trista.

With the holiday season approaching I wanted to host a blog hop featuring Quick & Easy Gift Ideas. Patterns that can be finished in just a few hours because there are some days where we’re thinking, “?, I need a gift for ____ by TOMORROW!!!!”

For the 1st three weeks of November, myself and 19 other designers are offering a FREE download for just one day each.

How It Works

Each day a new pattern will be available to download for free.

The link to the designers’ pages will be listed below, along with links to their shops and social media accounts.

To get your FREE PDF download, click the image that says “Click Here to Download This Pattern For Free” on the designer’s page. You will then enter the code “GIFTS2020” to get your download.

Look for this image on the designer’s page to get your FREE pdf download.

Useful Information

The code is only available for 24 hours. Be sure to check back daily to get the featured pattern of the day.

All patterns will be listed chronologically. I know its a pain to scroll down, but I want you to see all the other featured designs and designers too.

Featured designers include:

I like to support other crochet businesses when I can and that’s what hosting this blog hop is all about; community over competition.

Ways you can help include: give each designer a follow on social media, subscribe to their email list (get the inside scoop of future releases), pin the post/link to Pinterest. All these things only take seconds and are no cost to you.

Day 1

To kick off the Crochets By Trista 2020 Gift Giving Blog Hop I’m offering the Mountainside Hat as the featured download. This hat will be available for the duration of the blog hop.

Made using super bulky weight yarn this hat is really warm and comfy. You can find the pattern HERE or by clicking the image below.


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Day 2

Winding Staircase Cup Cozy Pattern by Kailey Cali Crochet. 

This cup cozy can be made in two sizes; the small measures 5”x11” at its widest point, and the large measures 6”x12” at its widest point.  Add the optional picot border to add that little something extra too. 

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Day 3

The Back-Country Beanie by Through The Loop Yarn Craft is a cozy and warm beanie for sure.  Made with super bulky weight yarn and available in 4 sizes, ranging from toddler to an adult large, this is a perfect gift idea for anyone.  The best part is that Ashley has a photo tutorial on how to seam the beanie!!!!

While over on TTLYC’s page check out all her patterns and stitch tutorials too!  She makes the complicated stitches easy to follow and understand.

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Day 4

Hannah Earwarmer and Cowl Set designed by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

The earwarmer pattern is available in 5, yes, FIVE sizes; and the cowl has 3! There are even a links for video tutorials on how to do the stitches in the Hannah Earwarmer and Cowl Set.

The Hannah Earwarmer and Cowl Set have such a great texture and the color choices are endless!

Make sure to read the post to find out a secret about the Hannah set. 

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Day 5

Winter Time Fingerless Gloves By Carroway Crochet

These fingerless gloves would make the perfect gift for any of your friends and family who always have cold hands but still need to function. I know a few friends of mine who have been interested in a few pairs of fingerless gloves that aren’t too bulky.

It is hard to count money or hand out food at a drive-thru with gloves or mittens getting in your way. Maybe think about donating a pair of two to your favorite coffee shop worker to let them know you appreciate them and want them to stay warm.

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Day 6

Today’s featured design is the Autumn Earwarmer from Two Brothers Blankets.

This beautiful earwarmer pattern is made using DK weight yarn and is available in 3 sizes. Using a series of puff stitches and stitch techniques this earwarmer has a whole lot of a texture.

If you don’t follow Michelle of Two Brothers Blankets yet, make sure that you do! She has so many easy to follow garment designs that are perfect for any time of year.

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Day 7

Today’s featured pattern is from up and coming designer Christine of Rows.Of.Crochet with her Which Way to 2021 Earwarmer.

This Tunisian Crochet earwarmer is made using worsted weight yarn. It is a quick project that is great not only as gifts but for any local markets you may be doing this fall.

Sign up for Rows.Of.Crochets’s newsletter to learn about future pattern releases and enjoy all she has to offer to the crochet world, she’s capable of achieving greatness!

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Day 8

Today’s featured pattern is the Velvet Twist Messy Bun Hat by Straight Hooked. 

This hat uses Bernat Velvet yarn and a no-break elastic hair tie. I’m blown away by how stunning the stitches twist to form the texture.  This definitely on my list of items to make this winter. 

I suggest looking at all the other designs that Straight Hooked has to offer while on her site.

***This pattern download is NOT through Ravelry but the Straight Hooked website.  You NEED to go through the process of check-out to enter the discount code to receive the download for free.***

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Day 9

Who knew you could get a pair of mitten out of one skein of yarn; Courtney from Creations By Courtney that’s who! Get these stunning Lemon Peel Mittens today!

This mitten pattern comes in 3 sizes, (you’ll need more than one skein of yarn for the large) and is easy to follow. I know you must be thinking that mittens might be a little intimidating, but I just know that you’re capable of doing making them.

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Day 10

Today’s featured pattern is the Bubbles & Clusters Mini by EcoMinded Stitches.

Krystal is one of my crochet besties and was one of the people that pushed me to host this blog hop. She has two guest blog post here. The first is the XOXO Eco-Mini, and the second is today’s pattern the Bubbles & Clusters Mini.

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Day 11

Today’s featured design is the Simple Shells Cowl from Kickin’ Crochet. It’s a super quick cowl project that only takes one ball of yarn.

There are even instructions on how you can adjust the size and height (which will take more than one ball). Mary also has a video tutorial on her blog!

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Day 12

The 2-Hour Christmas Cowl from Lakeview Cottage Kids.

This cowl will really keep you warm and cozy during the winter months.  You’ll probably spend more time sewing on the buttons and weaving in the ends than it will take to make the entire cowl.

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Day 13

The Mermaid Hand Sanitizer Cozy from Crafty Kitty Crochet.

Perfect stocking stuffer idea!

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Day 14

Christmas Cheer Cactus from Green Fox Farms Designs.

How cute is this cactus?!?!?! It is absolutely adorable and I’m pretty sure any little ones you might have in your life are going to steal it from you.

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Day 15

Sunday November 15th pattern is the CB Infinity from Knottie Hooks.

***This pattern download is NOT through Ravelry but the Knottie Hooks website.  You NEED to go through the process of check-out to enter the discount code to receive the download for free.***

After reading how to make the gorgeous texture of this infinity scarf click the “download pdf” button to add it to your cart.

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Day 16

Monday November 16th features The Lattice Cowl from Crafting at the Poole.

Caleb is known for his designs using super bulky yarn and this warm and cozy cowl is one of them!

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Day 17

Today, November 17th features the gorgeous Cozy Corset Cowl from Rebekah Haas Crochet.

You’re going to love how she came up with the idea of the beautiful cowl.

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Day 18

Today’s featured pattern is the Espresso Chip Coffee Cozy from Ambassador Crochet.

This is a great idea for a gift. Simply fill a basket with coffee, a reusable mug (or two), and the Espresso Chip Coffee Cozy; perfect for any coffee lover.

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Day 19

The Easy Ribbed Beanie from Cosy Rosie UK.

The name says it all; Easy ✅, Ribbed ✅, Beanie ✅. Make sure you follow Cosy Rosie UK on Instagram, her reels are so fun to watch!

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Day 20

Today’s pattern is Marian Bay Cowl from Me ‘N’ My Hook.

Want a set of matching mitts? There are some available too!!!

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Day 21

Closing out the Crochets By Trista 2020 Gift Giving Blog Hop is the….

Mountainside Cozy

Use code “GIFTS2020” at checkout to get your Mountainside Cozy pdf download for FREE today! Click the picture below.

Click HERE to see how you can get the Mountainside Cowl for FREE too!

Thank you so much for joining me and supporting other businesses!

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Crochets By Trista Crochet Group” on Facebook

I’d love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to contact me. Let me know what you’re working on or designs that you’d like to see in the future. Use the links above or crochetsbytrista@gmail.com.

17 thoughts on “2020 Gift Giving Blog Hop”

    1. Not officially a CAL but totally could be with the quick and easy projects (and a large enough stash ?)

      Can’t wait to see!

  1. What a lovely idea this is! Thank you for starting it and all the other designers for joining you. I know it is a little early but may I wish you all the compliments of the season.

  2. I have just joined in and I’m looking forward to what all there is to make. So far from what I have seen it will be amazing I’m sure.
    Thanks to all

  3. I love this hop, but I have a question, what time zone is it based in? It is still day 5, and I came on to get the gloves, and it has already been moved to day 6. I am ok with it, I will look and see if the pattern is on her site. I just do not want to miss another pattern if I cannot get online until after 11pm.

    1. I wonder if it is a scheduling issue since the hop started before the time change? I went to another hop that is on Eastern time and I had gotten my pattern before Sunday at 11:50pm Eastern and it was fine, but tonight it had advanced already. So, I am not sure if the scheduling did not change with the clocks. Just thought I would let you know it happened somewhere else as well. Even dated my comment there as on 11/6 even thought it was 11:53pm.

      1. The previous day SHOULD still work. I’m EST and update the post before bed. Usually around 11 pm EST.

        This is what works best for me. I try to make it easier for all time zones.

        Hope that helps and sorry for any confusion.

        1. I tried it a few more times that night, and it was not working. The other hop that I am on said they found out it was a glitch with Ravelry that night. Is there anyway to still get it, since Ravelry had an issue? I know that certain times can get busy and to try a couple times, so I did, and each time it said there was a problem with the code.

  4. The c b infinity scarf on Knottie Hooks doesn’t show a Ravelry buy link, so I just went to Ravelry, and the code didn’t make it free. I also tried buying it using the code from her store, but it didn’t work. Also, your last scarf came up as page not found for me. Can you help me find my way, please? I do really appreciate you putting this all together for us! Thank you!

    1. Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience you had. The download was through Knottie Hooks personal blog and not through Ravelry, as stated in the post. The code may not have worked because it may have already expired, it is a limited time offer. Let me know if you should have anymore issues.

    1. Thank you for reaching out. I’m sorry that you’re having difficulty downloading the featured pattern of the day. Each pattern is only available for one day, with the exception of the Mountainside Hat. I have worked with each designer to have the coupon code active for 24 hours based on EST, some have offered it for 36 hours because time zones can be a hassle. A few designers only sell patterns in their own personal shops and NOT Ravelry, which has been noted within that featured days description. Please contact me at CrochetsByTrista@gmail.com should you have any issues with the featured daily pattern the rest of the week.

      Thank you
      Trista – Crochets By Trista

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