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I wanted to showcase a few of my crochet maker colleagues and their businesses. With many craft fairs being cancelled this year I wanted to help out in any way I could.

Each of the featured makers specialize in different items that will be great as gifts for your friends and family (or yourself ?). A lot of the items are ready to ship so you can get your shopping done sooner. Custom orders are also an option but check with the maker on more details.

Creative Snugglies

Christina Ryan is the owner and toy creator who helps family and friends find handmade, soft, and unique toys to give to their young loved ones. Creative Snugglies provide high-quality cuddly toys for young children. Christina makes and sells snuggly toys for both girls and boys.

Christina loves meeting customers at craft fairs/markets. She also enjoys watching children pick out a toy and play with it the entire time while their parents continue shopping. Of course in this strange unprecedented time of Covid, Christina is not doing in person shows; however she is participating in virtual Craft Fairs/Events.

Creative Snugglies toys can be purchased on both Etsy and

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Christina’s favorite toys are her mermaids, unicorns, and dinosaurs. Go to her FB page and let her know which one you like the most!

EcoMinded Stitches

Krystal is a crochet maker and designer that focuses her business on sustainability. She uses cotton and cotton blend yarn to create items for an Eco-friendly home.

Krystal enjoys making and designing items for the home to support the environment. Sharing these makes with the community is important to her to make the planet a better place for all. From dish cloths to mug rugs Krystal enjoys the impact she is making in her own home and the environment.

EcoMinded Stitches items can be purchased on Etsy.

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Krystal’s favorite items to make are small quick items such as her Eco Mug Rug and XOXO Eco-Mini.

J2 Craftworks LLC

Julie Dales and Joni Beatrice of Bloomington, IN, are the two ‘J’s in J2 Craftworks LLC. Their passion for creating beautiful, useful crocheted items for everyday life blossomed into a business last year. Julie crochets, and Joni adds labels, hardware, and straps.

They make gorgeous bucket bags — including their officially licensed Indiana University bags — crossbody cell-phone bags, baskets, earrings, reusable facial scrubbies, hair scrunchies, and more.

Their products can be purchased on Etsy.

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Life In Crochet

Amanda is a creator who has been crocheting for 20 years. She specializes in high-quality, hand-crafted accessories for you and your home, from winter wear to kitchen towels to decorative items.

The name of her business, Life in Crochet, is both a reflection of the role of crochet in her personal life, as well as her desire to enhance all areas of your life with beauty through crochet.

Amanda’s products can be purchased through Etsy.

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Avalon Designs and Printables

Jan is the woman behind Avalons Designs and Printables. While working on her crochet and knit designs she couldn’t find a planner that fit her crafting needs. Jan then decided to start designing her own printables and digital planners for other crafters too. These planners and printables are perfect for any hobbyist or business owner.

Get your Avalons Designs printables and planners on Etsy.

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Thank you for joining me and supporting other businesses.

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