Diamond Shawl

My Diamond Shawl is the fourth pattern available in the ‘Birthstone Collection.’  The theme for 2020, where each month I have a cowl, scarf, or shawl pattern in the color of that month’s birthstone.

Other patterns available in the Birthstone Collection:
Garnet Cowl – January
Amethyst Scarf – February
Zoe’s Aquamarine Infinity Scarf – March
Emerald Asymmetrical Shawl – May
Pearl Infinity Cowl – June
Ruby Shawl – July
Peridot Shawl– August
Sapphire Shawl – September
Opal Shawl – October
Citrine Scarf – November
Turquoise Scarf – December

The Yarn

Months ago when I had decided that I would design a collection around each months birthstones, I knew that I wanted a white yarn, but with a little extra something to it. When searching the shelves of my local craft store, I finally found it. Bernat Baby Coordinates is perfect for the vision that I had.

As you can see in the picture below, the yarn is white with an added shimmer to it. With this extra shimmer within the yarn, it will help bring the illusion of the facets of a cut diamond.

The Pattern

From the beginning, I just knew that the design had to be in the shape of a diamond. I had a ton of questions going through my head. How was I going to get this to work out? How would I set my design apart from others? What’s the extra something that I could add to the original thoughts?

I then had my “Eureka” moment. I can make the shawl in the shape of a diamond made up of smaller diamonds! That’s when I got to work on the design.

Once I figured out the shape of the diamond I was looking for, the design just starting working up so quickly. It did take me a little while to get the wording down correctly though.

Standing Double Crochet/Long Chain Double Crochet/Chainless Starting Double Crochet

When I first started the design, I wasn’t liking the traditional chain 3 (or even 2) at the beginning of the row. There was too much of a gap between the first and second stitches. This gap was throwing off the clean look of the diamond shape.

I’ve done a few variations of the Starting Double Crochet/Long Chain Double Crochet/Chainless Starting Double Crochet in the past. They are essentially all work up the same and create the same result. I advise trying each one and seeing which one you prefer the most. I used the ‘Long Chain Double Crochet’ in this pattern and called it ‘Starting Double Crochet.’

My favorite videos for these types of stitches are:
Improved Chainless Starting Double Crochet – Tamara Kelly of Moogly Blog.
Long Chain Double Crochet – Michelle Ferguson of Two Brothers Blankets *note – left handed version, but still the same technique for right handed.

Stitch Definition:
Pull up your loop to the height of your usual Double Crochet. Yarn over, insert into the 1st St, yarn over, pull through the Stitch, yarn over, pull through two loops on the hook, yarn over, pull through the remaining two loops on your hook.


– Approximately 750 Yards of Bernat Baby Coordinates
– H/5.00 mm Crochet Hook
– Measuring Tape
– Scissors
– Yarn Needle


The Diamond Shawl pattern is now available to purchase on both Ravelry and Etsy.

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