Springtime Crochet Blog Hop

Welcome to the Crochets By Trista Springtime Crochet Blog Hop! I’m so glad that you’re here with us.

For the month of March 2021, you can look forward to at least one FREE pdf download each day. I’ve gathered over 30 different designers and each of them have so much to offer in the world of crochet.

You can find patterns for almost anything this month; including amigurumi, home decor, and fashion accessories. I’ve gotten a sneak peek of all the designs and you’re in for a treat… they are all FABULOUS! Take a look for yourself.

How It Works

Each day a new designer will be offering their pattern for FREE and for only 24 hours.

I will be adding the featured designer’s links and pattern daily at 7:00 AM EST. The designer is only obligated to offer their pattern for the 24 hours. You will not be able to get the free download on any other day except for their featured day.

For each day there will be a button to click that will bring you to that designer’s site. From there you’ll want to read all the details of their post on how to get the free download. While there, subscribe to their email list, give them a follow on social media accounts, and leave a comment for them.

Then, AFTER you’ve read all the wonderful details of the pattern, look for this button below to grab your FREE pdf download for the day. Please note that not all the designers offer their patterns through Ravelry, some sell patterns through their own websites.

Each day the coupon code will be different, so make sure you’re coming back here to make sure you have the correct one. Codes are usually case sensitive so pay attention to capitalization.

Featured designers will be shared in chronological order. Why have it this way? It is so you can see what some of the other designs were (just as a back-up if you’ve missed any).

I take joy in promoting other designers, I want them to succeed and to reach as many of their goals as I can. I’m a firm believer of community over competition. We all have something different to offer in the world of crochet.


Featured Designers

Day 1

Crochets By Trista – Frozen Treat Cozy

Code to use at checkout – “Spring2021

Available all month from Crochets By Trista

Day 2

Anvi’s Granny Handcrafts – Tree Sprout Doll

Day 3

Bliss ThisEdythe Earrings

Day 4

BeeOutrageous – Self Care Cache

Today’s pattern brings you straight to Ravelry.

Day 5

Today Features TWO designs

Crafty Kitty CrochetSpring Sherbet Bunny

Eco-Minded Stitches – Extended Family Coaster

Day 6

Another day with TWO featured designers and their patterns.

Green Fox Farms DesignsLeprechaun Hat

Lakeview Cottage KidsBaby Bobbles Baby Blanket

Day 7

Raffamusa DesignsSquirrel Potholder

Day 8

The Crafty Therapist Beautiful Bluebells

Day 9

Crafting Each DaySunny Spring Cowl

Day 10

There are TWO featured patterns again today!

Creative Snugglies DesignsLadybug Lovey

Sunflower Cottage Crochet Kate Wristlet

Day 11

Kimberly’s CraftsFlower Pot Wonder

Day 12

Straight HookedRadiant Ridges Shawl

Day 13

High Desert YarnMini Heart Wall Hanging

Day 14

Carroway CrochetHappy Scrappy Sweater

Day 15

Cosy Rosie UKIdes of March Coin Purse

Day 16

Crochet with Mary Beth – Butterfly Stripe Tee

Day 17

Ambassador CrochetEarl Grey Cardigan

Code to use today – “ICECREAM”

Day 18

Come back on Thursday, March 18th at 7:00 AM EST.

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22 thoughts on “Springtime Crochet Blog Hop”

  1. I would like to see more clothes for dolls. I have seen shawls, hats, blankets, afghans, and so on. I like to crochet clothes for dolls, especially dresses. I have been doing that for a long time.

  2. I am always interested in useful gifts (both men & women) to make for and give to my Deep Water Running class.

    1. Make sure you’re signed in. I was able to check and it’s currently working. 3/3/21 11:30am EST

    1. What browser are you using? Sometimes by using chrome can make a difference. Try refreshing the pages, and try again.

  3. I use Firefox but tried Chrome and got the same result. The code can be entered but does not change the amount to be paid. When I clicked on checkout it went through to PayPal.

  4. 4th March, there doesn’t appear to be a link for today’s pattern from BeOutragous. I have tried refreshing the page and on various different browsers, but no link.

    1. I just checked all the links again and they are working. If you note, today’s post goes right to Ravelry.

  5. Hello,
    Will there be or has there a link to get the Springtime Crochet Blog Hop in a Pattern Bundle? If so, may I get that link to collect all the patterns at once time?

  6. I love BLOG HOPS but just realized this pattern today and a few others from other blog hops were done last year on blog hops just in case you did not know. This is a beautiful pattern as well as all the patterns you create and others. Thank you so much for everything you do. Stay safe and well

  7. Its 9pm & I am trying to get the wristlet using the code TULIP & it says its expired why is that ?????

    1. You’re missing the “S” is “TULIPS”, plural. I get it, it’s been a long day.

  8. Hello!
    The code for day 12 isn’t working. I entered it with all types of different case combinations (since it’s case sensitive), but when I click “apply” the website gives me a “Enter a valid discount code” message =/
    Right now, it’s March 13 – 02:50 AM EST

  9. That’s the code I used (I copied+pasted, and then I typed it myself), but it didn’t work =/ Anyway, I just thought it might be good to let you know about this. And thank you so much for this blog hop! I’m loving all these amazing patterns! =)

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