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If you haven’t read it the few times I’ve mentioned it, I’m a proud member of the Crochetpreneur Business Academy. I’ve learned so much about myself and where I see my business since I joined.

I initially joined CBA because I wanted to start a crochet business and had no idea where to even start. I know that I don’t want to do craft fairs because it takes away from family time on the weekends. I did know that I wanted to start designing patterns and selling the patterns.

While everyone is going to have a different experience than I do, I want to let you know what I’ve gained from joining this great community.


As much as I love to crochet, I wanted to see if I could turn my hobby into successful business as a designer instead of just a maker. What do I really have to lose? The membership is only $30/month; so what, I can’t go get expensive coffee every week or I can’t buy yarn I’m never going to use. You find a way to save money when you want to.

I saw what many of my favorite designers had joined and that they’ve recommended joining. I thought “Hey, if its working for them maybe it will work for me.” And it has been working for me.

Since joining CBA, I’ve learned so many things about myself and that has helped in where I want my business to go. I learned what my strengths and weaknesses are, and how I can use them to build a business.

One thing I learned is that I accomplish more when I set a deadline on something. When testing patterns for designers, I needed to have the item finished, photographed, and have feedback sent back to them by a certain date. I ALWAYS had it done on time. If I can do it for other people why can’t I get it done for my own business?!?!


I began setting deadlines for myself. In fall of 2019, I laid out my plan. The plan was; January 2020, I’m going to officially register as business, start a website, etsy shop, ravelry storefront, and keep up on social media for my business.


You want to know what else I’ve been doing? Stepping out of my comfort zone completely. Today I did my first live video ever! Because we all need a starting point that isn’t going to ridicule us, I did it in our CBA community group.

I had to do it, how am I going to be able to reach my audience if I don’t practice? There isn’t a better community or family than CBA. This amazing group of people are so supportive. We’re there to walk beside you in the journey, push you when needed, and help you gain your footing if you’ve fallen.


In CBA we have members that are:
All of the above and everything in between.

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You have so much to gain, just by joining us. Pam Grise, The Crochetprenuer, just redid all the lessons within the academy. She decided to tweak a lot of the courses to make it more streamlined and easier to follow. What you get you get out of CBA is completely up to you but you can really SOAR with all that CBA has to offer you within the journey.

I hope I’ve convinced you enough to at the very least research CBA. I’d love to see what you can do with your crochet business!

Pam also has other courses for you to look into if you’re not quite sold on the CBA. Click here for the list.

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