Springtime Crochet Blog Hop 2022

Welcome to the annual Springtime Crochet Blog Hop hosted by Crochets By Trista!

This year’s line up of patterns was amazing, just you wait to see!

A list of the participating designers can be found below.

How It Worked

From March 1st through the 20th you could have enjoyed a FREE PDF download from the daily featured designer.

20 Crochet Patterns Perfect For Spring

Below you will find the featured pattern for the day along with links to their social media accounts. When on their blogs give them a follow and sign up for their emails to find out special deals and upcoming releases.

Day 1

Featured design, Key West Market Tote, comes from Me ‘n’ My Hook.

Day 2

Featured pattern for the day is the Viola Puff Bag from Simply Melanie Jane.

Day 3

Featured today is the Simple Mesh Mug Rug from Juniper & Oakes.

Day 4

Today’s featured design is the Hydrangea Pillow from E’Claire Makery.

Day 5

The featured design for today is the Berries and Mint Infinity Scarf from Lakeview Cottage Kids.

Day 6

Today’s featured pattern is the Celestial Mountain Sling Bag from Valzies Boutique.

Day 7

Today’s featured design is one of my own. It’s the Rays Of Sunshine Dishcloth that is also free to view.

Day 8

Today’s featured pattern is Suzy The Baby Chick from Creative Snugglies Designs.

Day 9

Today’s featured pattern is a beautiful asymmetrical Sashay Shawl from Made By Gootie.

Day 10

Today I’m featuring the Rays Of Sunshine Coaster.

Day 11

Today’s featured pattern is the Solome Shopping Tote from Pam’s Cozy Corner.

Day 12

The featured pattern today is the gorgeous Claire Crop Top from Carroway Crochet.

Day 13

Today’s featured pattern is the Plant Purgatory Wall Hanging from Classy Lady Yarnworks.

Day 14

The featured pattern today is the Arvensis Pot Holder from High Desert Yarn.

Day 15

Today’s featured pattern is the Boho Spring Wall Hanging from Wheat State Wool Co..

Day 16

Today’s featured pattern is the Ava Placemat & Coaster Set from Sunflower Cottage Crochet. Did you know that its also part of the collection?

Day 17

Today’s featured pattern is the Wheelwright Wrist Warmers from Cosy Rosie UK.

Day 18

Today’s featured design is the Brinley Hair Scarf from Through The Loop Yarn Craft

Day 19

Today’s featured pattern is the Easy Breezy Head Warmer from Fosbas Designs.

Day 20 (The Last Day)

Closing out the Springtime Crochet Blog Hop is the Rays Of Sunshine Hand Towel from Crochets By Trista.

Thank you for joining us the last 3 weeks and enjoying the Spring Time Crochet Blog Hop as much as you did!

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15 thoughts on “Springtime Crochet Blog Hop 2022”

  1. Can you make the codes where we can copy and paste them please? With severe Rheumatoid Disease (RA) in my hands I cannot write without so much pain. My hands and fingers are severely turned making writing impossible. It’s easier for me to copy and paste on my tablet.

    1. Unfortunately it is a setting that I have no control over and can’t change. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  2. Hi Trista! Today’s code seems to be the same as yesterday’s, and doesn’t seem to be working for me. I would appreciate any help! 😊

  3. I wanted to let you know that I tried the code SUNSHINE and it is still not working. Is there something else I should try?

  4. Hello! I’ve stopped getting emailed reminders as of the 15th 🙁 I can’t see where I did anything on my end but I could have! Just wanted you to be made aware… Thanks! Love the variety of patterns!

    1. Thank you for letting me know! Wednesday’s email never sent. Helen (Sunflower Cottage Crochet) has extended the code for another day “Niece”

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